Steamboat Springs: Top 5

Are you in Colorado and looking for a winter get-away? Why not Steamboat?

To really appreciate the culture, consider staying downtown rather than on the mountain. You won’t regret it.

Here are 5 things to check out in Steamboat Springs:

5. Fish Creek Falls.

A short hike with rewarding views. Five dollars to park but avoid parking by walking from any where in town. Snow shoes or Yak tracks may help if slippery. Keep an eye out for ice climbers. Warm up afterwards with a drink at the Old Town Pub.

4. Rabbit Ears Pass.

Snowshoeing options are endless on Rabbit Ears pass. Skis and skins are a great option too. West Summit Loop is popular but there are tons of other options. You will likely see and hear snowmobiles. There are snowmobile rental options if that is more your speed.

3. Winter Carnival.

If you are interested in amateur ski jumping or skijouring and don’t mind crowds, this is the carnival for you. Don’t plan on driving down main street during this event as it will be closed and snow covered. Luckily, you can get everywhere you need to go by foot.

2. Howelsen Hill.

Billed as North America’s oldest operating ski area, Howelsen Hill is not to be missed. It sits unassumingly in town and has a long history of training Olympic athletes. While ski jump may be its most unique feature, I recommend skate skiing. Throw on some skate skis and hit the trail during a full moon.

1. Strawberry Park Hot Springs.

Of all the hot springs, this one is still my favorite. I have been there with my grandma in the afternoon and with my friends during a drum circle at night. The road is muddy and parking is limited. You may consider planning ahead and booking a cabin (or a caboose if you want to be more “Aspen Extreme”). While the lodging is convenient and fun, please realize that the cabins aren’t exactly like a five star hotel. Whether day or night, Strawberry Park Hot Springs is the right balance of accessible, clean, and downright beautiful hot springs.

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