5 Tips for Starting Your Sprinter Camper Make-Over.

We have been home since mid-March. Our pandemic projects include sour dough bread making, teaching home school, and continuing work on our Sprinter camper. CD’s progress with the Sprinter has been the most successful of the three.

Roof rails are installed, LED lights are wired to a dimmer switch, cedar tongue and groove is in place, and two new cabinets are ready to be filled.

Writing guides for each of this projects will take a me a bit of time but while I work on that, CD offered his top 5 tips for our diving into a Sprinter camper project.

Sneak peek! I can’t wait to share more.

1. Accept gaps in wood spacing or make custom pieces.

CD chose to custom cut each piece of wood. Time was not of the essence.

2. Realize that your Sprinter is not square.

No matter how square things start out, your van is not square.

3. Create things with wiggle room.

Plan on fine adjustments and be flexible.

4. Consider both your ideal end product and your acceptable end product.

Decide which of these you are working towards.

5. Be honest about your timelines.

Realize that your acceptable product will likely take as long you thought your ideal product would. Set out to make your ideal product and you may end up with your good enough one. If you are set on your ideal product, plan to increase your time spent ten fold and have plenty of extra wood on hand.

Have Fun With Your Sprinter Camper!

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6 thoughts on “5 Tips for Starting Your Sprinter Camper Make-Over.

  • Great tips! The timeline one is big as many people can be overly ambitious with their builds. Especially if without having any prior build experience. I think my build went about twice as long as anticipated 🙂 Look forward to seeing more of your posts!

    • Thanks so much for the comment. I am so impressed with the results so far. Apparently both blogging and van camper conversions take longer than you would expect! Thanks for staying tuned! We are hitting the road in 2-3 days and that should be interesting as well!

  • Yes to home schooling and to sour dough bread making 😀 We were doing the same! Great tips, I loved… realise that your sprinter is not square!

  • Great advice, especially the part about setting realistic timelines. Too often we stress ourselves out trying to reach these deadlines that we’ve set up in our mind for what – Who is really keeping track? Instead, we need to be honest with ourselves and set expectations that are attainable. After all, why are we in such a hurry anyway?

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