Sprinter Roof Rails Self Installation Considerations.

We are half way through our roof rail installation. It was two steps forward, one step back all day.

Things that worked:

  1. The heat gun. We rented a heat gun and the plugs popped right out. The glue warmed up and wiped right off. The heat gun was worth it!
Sprinter camping conversion

Things that we learned:

  1. 1 inch bolts are better than 3/4 inch. Our bolts were 3/4 inch and they were too short. The hardware store only had eight 1 inch bolts this afternoon. It was enough to secure the racks and cover the holes but we obviously need more bolts.
  2. Butyl tape is better than putty tape. We didn’t have enough Butyl tape to do the job. The hardware store convinced us to try putty tape and we decided that the Butyl tape was better and worth a wait. We had gotten some Butyl tape from DIYvan.com in Hood River and will contact them for more.

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