PCT Thru Hike: Welcome to Kennedy Meadows.

By this time, the rhythm of the trail may be felt. They wake up in the mornings, slow moving, yet excited, hungry, sometimes cold and wet. The group scatters during the day as natural differences in pace dictate. Hikers are left to their own thoughts and to hike their own hikes. At night they come back together to swap stories, laughs, and for general camaraderie. Life is good at Kennedy Meadows.

Mile 697: Kennedy Meadows General Store.

Packs are often re-organized here. Heavier clothes, an ice axe, and crampons may be added. Northbound from here, the trail has more water, more shade, and more breath taking views.

Just outside Kennedy Meadows. CD fell off of the trail after taking this picture – he tore his pack. #PCT

Mile 760.5: Upper Crab Tree Meadows

At the base of Mt. Whitney, CD admits feeling short on sleep.

He wrote: “It’s 9:00 – hiker midnight“. “I can only hope that everyone in the world gets to experience this much magic and beauty every now and again.”

The view from Mt Whitney is worth the day hike for sure!

Atop Whitney. #PCT
Back toward the meadows. #PCT
The other side of Whitney (toward Whitney Portal). #PCT

The descent isn’t too bad either!

PCT Sierras

Here are some quotes from CD’s trail journal.

  1. The trail may be more of a river or a waterfall due to snow melt. I sometimes call it a “swimming trail“.
  2. Beautiful water sources are less enjoyable when swarmed by mosquitoes.
  3. There aren’t as many rodents above tree – line. I have never appreciated that more.
  4. Creek crossing are great when you don’t consider all of the risks.
  5. I drank water without filtering it. I felt pure and connected to the planet. When I didn’t sick, I felt so alive! (I don’t recommend this, by the way.)
More of the swimming trail.

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