Throwback Blog Series: Our Littlest Camper

Our littlest camper was CD’s Honda Civic hatchback. He loved it. I took a bit more convincing to come around to it’s charm.

Our first mud season together, we hiked in to the Grand Canyon. I had a Chevy Trailblazer and CD had a 1997 Civic hatchback. His argument for taking his car was tangled in a discussion of gas mileage and climate change. I couldn’t argue against that so off we went.

Two people in a two door hatchback was different than one person in a Trailblazer. I still brought everything that I needed but I didn’t bring the other dozen or so things that I didn’t need. Everything had a place. The vehicle was no longer a suitcase in and of itself. It demanded a higher level of organization.

It was louder and hotter. The music was the same.

It was slower. Life was slower. Having lunch in the car wasn’t fun anymore. First of all, I couldn’t reach the food. The cooler had a carefully constructed place along side a tarp, tent, sleeping bags, clothes, shoes, sunscreen, and other amenities. CD’s Tetris-style packing skills were impressive.

Feeling hungry now required finding a park, pulling over, and unpacking half of the car. There is no way to rush that process.

What did I learn? This was a nicer way to travel.

Parks that I had never seen offered views that I would have otherwise missed.

The daily process of unpacking and re-packing the car was somehow therapeutic.

So, the 1997 Honda Civic hatchback and I reached an understanding. We appreciated each other.

So where did that Honda Civic take us?

Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Ontario. Here is a few pics of our inaugural trip.

Sunset Crater

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